Jeanswest’s new Freeform 360 jeans


Last week the lovely team at Jeanswest sent me a pair of jeans from their new Freeform 360 collection to try.

The collection, released this month, features “4-way multi directional smart stretch technology that flatters the body and provides comfort and support like never before”.

Now I should precede this by saying I am super fussy about my denim, but when I find a pair of jeans … or denim skirt, or denim shorts, or denim jacket … I love, I fall hard. I wore the same pair of jeans for 18 months in London, only parting ways with them after I split the crotch for the third and irreparable time.

I wear them excessively. I wash them rarely (yeah, I’m one of those people) and if I find a pair I like, I will usually buy two pairs in case they are discontinued.

I like to feel supported but not like my stomach is being strangled and I’m losing circulation in my legs. Speaking of which, I prefer a skinny leg and my days of the 4cm zip are well and truly over; I want something that comes up near my belly button, hiding any hint of a muffin top in favour of smoother outline.

And last but not least, because it is probably the most important factor – and the one that has seen me give away or sell jeans after one wear – I don’t want my jeans to stretch and go saggy in the knees or butt after wearing or sitting in them for as little as two minutes.

So the pressure was really on Jeanswest to deliver.

I was curious about the stretch; would they be more of a jegging (a cross between a jean and a legging), a style of which I’ve never been keen because they never seem to have enough support, or had they found the magical formula for stretchy jeans that weren’t so thin they showed off every lump and bump?

Much to my delight, they definitely delivered.

I’ve now worn the jeans a handful of times (including to long days at work) and they’ve held their shape perfectly given they’re not a heavy denim. Thanks to the stretch fabric, they almost give the appearance of a jegging-style pant, but with the structure of a typical denim jean.

And I think they look great!


But the best news? Jeanswest recommend washing sparingly, with minimal to zero detergent in the wash … hello low maintenance pants!

The Freeform 360 collection is available in three fitted styles; 7/8 skinny jeans (this is what I’m wearing, although I’m only 162cm so they are full length on me), a standard length leg and Jeanswest’s famous curve fit (a little bit extra in the thighs and hips); as well as in three washes: mid-vintage, deep ink and black.

Editor’s note: These jeans were gifted to me for editorial consideration, however all views expressed are genuine and my own. Read my disclosure policy here.


  1. Mel

    Love this post babe, I have been looking for a new pair of a Jeans that tick all of the boxes for a few months now, so your timing is amazing, as always! 💟


  2. Beth at

    Bought two pairs of these just this weekend during the 30% off sale and love them but must take umbrage at the alleged 7/8 length which are still a bit long for me at 160cm! Who on earth has such gargantuan legs that they can wear these at a 7/8 length?!


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