21 sparkly shoes for when you need to shine bright

Twinkle, twinkle little shoe, tell me where I can find you.

A quick glimpse into my cupboard reveals I’m quite the bowerbird, especially when it comes to shoes. I have heels and flats, even a pair of high top sneakers, all encrusted in glitter or embellished with stones.

Last week I shared a snap of my favourite Marks & Spencer pair (pictured below) on Instagram and I was quickly inundated with requests on where to find them, so I’ve put together a roundup of 21 glitter shoes to will help you shine bright through these challenging times.

If you’ve got a pair of sparkly shoes in your wardrobe or you’re thinking about splashing out on a pair, you might be wondering how to wear them.

I prefer to go understated and let my shoes add the ‘edge’ to my outfit. At the moment, I’m tend to pair them back with my favourite jeans and a great knit, or a tee and blazer. It’s simple but chic and a great way to introduce sparkle into your outfit without overdoing it.

And there’s no reason you can’t wear sparkly shoes in the daytime. Look for a more casual style—a ballet flat or brogue—or even a sneaker for a look that’s cool but super comfortable!

Main image above (blue shoes): Sparkle Queen Heel, $159.99

1. Raglin Pink Glitter, $475  || 2. Zabelle Sparkle Ballet, $119.95 || 3. ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Sammy slingback mid heels in glitter, $50 ||  4. Zoe Kratzmann Wave, $289 || 5. Orchestra Pump Heels (Grey Sky), $199 || 6. Superga Womens 2790-COTW Printed Logo Glitter, $49.99 || 7. ASOS DESIGN Lucky pointed ballet flats in silver glitter, $28 || 8. Astro Sneaker, $199 || 9. Prime Black Glitter, $209.95 || 10. Prime White Pink Glitter, $209.95 || 11. STEViE in White/Silver Glitter, $239.95 || 12. Zoe Kratzmann Distil, $299 || 13. Adorabelle Sparkle Boot, $199.95 || 14. Orchestra Pump Heels (light gold), $199 || 15. Orchestra Ballet Flats (Rose Gold), $179 || 16. Twyla Sneaker, $199 || 17. Carve Glitter Pump Heels (Silver), $199 || 18. Crazy Skates Disco Glam, $169.95 || 19. Avarcas Multi Glitter Gold, $110 || 20. Harlow Leather Sneaker, $119.95 || 21. Superga 2790 Cotw Sneakers, $129.95 ||

Sometimes glitter shoes can shed a little of their sparkle wherever you go, but this is normal and I’ve always found there is still plenty of glitter left on the shoe.

Editor’s note: This post contains some affiliate links. That means if you click on my link and buy something, I will earn a small commission from the brand—at no additional cost to you.


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