Summer. A manifesto.

1. The season between spring and autumn from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox.
2. A period of hot, usually sunny weather.
3. The hotter half of the year.
4. The period of finest development, perfection, or beauty previous to any decline.

When Katie of cakes, tea and dreams last week mentioned how she had achieved most of the items on her summer manifesto, I was intrigued. I followed her links and stumbled down a rabbit hole into a world filled with plans for sunshine, fireworks, beach visits and road trips.

Bloggers wrote of their desire to make it a summer of love. A summer of vacations, beach bonfires and icy poles eaten on the back porch in their pyjamas. Of time spent with loved ones and of simple pleasures. I could almost feel the sunshine on my shoulders.

Although summer is still three months away, the days in Brisbane already seem longer and brighter. Temperatures are in the high 20s and the sun is still in the sky when I leave the office in the afternoon.

There is a feeling that around every corner lays a new adventure; new restaurants and bars to try and new friends to meet.

And so it was with great delight that I put pen to paper (old school, I know!) to write my manifesto:

I yearn for a summer where I throw caution to the wind, bypassing practicality in favour of spontaneity. I will live more and work less.

It will be a summer where I spend long days at the beach and arrive home still covered in sand and sea spray. Where I run barefoot across a hot road in search of ice-cream and enjoy barbecues with friends where we sit talking and laughing long into the night.

I will eat lunch and dinner outside as much as possible, go swimming in my lunch break, walk on the beach and make fruit salads. I will host Sunday barbecues and go to the outdoor cinema. I will drive with the windows down, the wind in my hair.

I’ll plan picnics in the park and ride my bike to visit friends. I’ll buy fresh fruit and vegetables from the markets and rope someone in for a game of tennis. I’ll eat icy poles and take road trips. I’ll spend more time with my family and learn to surf.

I’ll go bowling—both tenpin and barefoot—and get friends together for a cricket game in the park. I’ll turn off the TV and go outside. I’ll make time to exercise and go to the zoo. I’ll eat more seafood and overindulge in my favourite summer fruits. I’ll go fishing.

I will plan Friday afternoon drinks along the river and take long walks with good friends. I’ll wear sunscreen and accept more invitations. I will learn to surf and visit a winery. I will dance, even if there is nowhere to do it but in my living room.

I will enjoy summer for all that it is; from the bright sunshine that streams through my window before 5am to the high humidity which leaves my hair frizzy and those outstanding late afternoon thunderstorms that only Australia seems to do so well.

This summer, I will live.

What’s on your summer manifesto?


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