Vote for Blonde Ambition

Each year the Australian Writers’ Centre (formerly the Sydney Writers’ Centre) holds the Best Australian Blogs competition which aims to celebrate, showcase and support the outstanding writing that’s happening in the Australian blogosphere.

I’m chuffed to announce that Blonde Ambition has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award, along with a staggering 1007 other Australian blogs.

Which is where you—my lovely friends and readers—come in.

If you have enjoyed my ramblings over the past eight months and have a spare five minutes I’d really appreciate it if you showed your support for Blonde Ambition and me by clicking the ‘Vote for Me’ button below.

To vote, click on the button below or click here, find Blonde Ambition in the list of nominated blogs (they’re listed alphabetically so you’ll find me on the first page) and tick the corresponding box.

Once you’ve voted for the blogs you love, continue through the rest of the pages until you are asked to enter your name and email address, before going to the last page where you will click DONE to cast your vote.

While the competition focuses on Australian blogs, anyone anywhere in the world can vote.

The winner of this award round will be announced on Wednesday 1 May 2013 and will receive $1000 in writing courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre.

Thank you for your support!

Brooke x


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