Hyde Park, London

Last week when I landed in London, jet lag kicked my butt. Big time. After my third pre-6am start, I decided there was one thing left to do—take advantage of the early start and explore!

Because I was staying near Edgeware Rd and Paddington, I decided to throw on my exercise gear and head to Hyde Park for some fresh air.

“It came to me that Hyde Park has never belonged to London – that it has always been, in spirit, a stretch of countryside; and that it links the Londons of all periods together most magically – by remaining forever unchanged at the heart of a ever-changing town.”
—Dodie Smith—

Hyde Park covers 350 acres and is home to a number of famous landmarks including the Serpentine Lake, Speakers’ Corner and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.

It also offers various recreational activities including open water swimming, boating, cycling, tennis and horse riding.

What greeted me was an absolutely stunning morning; everything seemed so bright and clean from the blue sky to the rolling green fields and bright white swans that were just waking up as I wandered past.

There weren’t many tourists around at that time of day but, as I made my way around the Serpentine, horses trotted past, runners streaked by and a few brave souls took a morning swim.

It is mornings and locations like this, with the trees providing a buffer to the sounds of the city, when I miss living in London.

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