Play bingo in Sydney … ?

Bingo? What? Have I lost my mind?  Yes. Bingo. No I haven’t. Please stick with me …

Every year I pack up my carry-on suitcase and head south to Sydney to catch up with friends, indulge in drinks and dancing, and generally soak up the atmosphere of Australia’s most populated city.

Home to beautiful beaches, iconic buildings, historic landmarks, award-winning restaurants and a vibrant culture, a weekend visit to Sydney never seems enough.

There are always new things I’m desperate to see and do.

To help others who are headed to the harbour city, my friends at Flight Centre recently asked for a list of my favourite places to go, things to do and top bucket list adventures for Sydney and turned them into this cool-looking bingo card.

Blonde Ambition Bingo picture

Because my blog isn’t as fancy as I’d like it to be, it is not doing the cool animated thing it should do, so just click on the image (or click here) and it will take you to the much more impressive interactive version so you can check out my Top 25 recommendations.

If you’re not from Sydney but you’d like to visit, check out these amazing deals from Flight Centre and for my UK readers (you know who you are, come visit!) here’s some great deals for you.

What are your ‘must-do’ tips, recommendations and plans for Sydney?

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