Navel gazing in 35 words

According to Urban Dictionary, navel gazing is a slang term describing the act of taking a long period to think about one’s thoughts and feelings, or focus on one specific topic.

And, as you may already have noticed, I love a list; in fact, I’m fairly sure I need lists in order to seemingly function like the adult I’m supposed to be.

At the moment I’m running multiple lists; things to do at work, things to do at home, things to pack for this week’s trip to Gwinganna Health Retreat (another item off the bucket list) and the list of lists goes on.

And while I’m prone to over-thinking and over-analysing most things (a charming Gemini trait), I don’t tend to do too much ‘naval gazing’, that is, until I stumbled across a post by fellow Brisbane-based blogger Nikki Parkinson from Styling You.

Nikki shared this list of 35 words which can be used to help you ‘take stock’ of the year as it currently stands.  

So, here goes, 2014 as it is today:

Making: Plans for after the holidays. As Andy Warhol said, “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting”.
Cooking: Zucchini & Feta Salad. I seriously cannot get enough of this salad; especially because it involves 4 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to make. Surely it’s okay to eat three zucchini in one sitting?
Drinking: Lemon & Lime mineral water but dreaming of popping open one of the bottle’s of champagne in my fridge.
Reading: Shantaram: A Novel by Gregory David Roberts. It’s been on the bucket list for ages and I keep struggling to get into it, but I’m hoping to give it another go over the Easter break. I will not be defeated.
Wanting: The next two days of work to go quickly so that I can head off on holidays.

I love an infinity pool and I plan to spend each day in this one over the Easter break.
I love an infinity pool and I plan to spend each day in this one over the Easter break.

Looking: Forward to seeing The King and I on Tuesday night with mum and Rish.
Playing: At being ready to quit sugar as part of a seven-day detox. I mean, how can giving up sugar over Easter be a good thing?
Deciding: How to best tackle my ridiculously long ‘to do’ list for the next three days of work, which includes wrapping 180 presents.
Wishing: I had the willpower to stick with the healthy eating promises I constantly make myself (she writes while eating an Easter egg). 
Liking: Watching snippets of video from my best friend’s wedding last year. Although I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll be watching myself reading my speech. 
Waiting: For Autumn.
Enjoying: Sunday morning breakfast at Moose & Gibson at The Gabba.

Photo from Eat, Drink and Be Kerry.
Moose & Gibson at Wooloongabba. Photo from Eat, Drink and Be Kerry.

Wondering: What the next few months have in store. 
Loving: First base. 
Pondering: Who actually buys life-size male sex dolls. (Thanks Jodi for sharing that weird story on Facebook … if you missed it click here, but note—it’s not suitable for work!.) 
Considering: Signing up for a proper machine-based Pilates class. 
Marvelling: At my own ingenuity. Long story short: I just made my life and the wrapping of 180 gifts, a whole lot easier by rigging up a cellophane dispenser using a broom and two boxes. I am awesome.

Pure ingenuity at work.
Pure ingenuity at work. Even if it is a health and safety risk.

Watching: Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars. I blame Foxtel and their weekend marathons. I avoided this show for years and then was sucked in by a marathon of the first season. I now own seasons 2 and 3.
Hoping: Someone will buy my Reds season pass for the rest of 2014 so I don’t feel guilty about missing games.
Needing: To go back to the gym or give up my membership. Going back to the gym would probably be the better choice.
Smelling: Blooming Bouquet by Miss Dior. This perfume is on my birthday list, but until then I steal a spray of every time I walk through a department store.
Wearing: Revlon’s Cherry in the Snow nail polish.

20140414-085715.jpgFollowing:  The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide on Facebook. I highly recommend you jump on board.
Noticing: How clean everything looks after the rain.
Knowing: That over-thinking and over-analysing things is pointless. And still doing it anyway. 
Thinking: About hosting Christmas in July; tree, crackers, a glazed ham, cheesy Michael Buble and Mariah Carey Christmas carols.
Feeling: Lucky that I’ve got such a cool collection of family and friends.

Meet the Falveys.
Meet the Falveys.

Admiring: Samuel Johnson’s dedication to his sister Connie. He broke the world record for longest distance traveled on a unicycle, raised more than $1.5m and raised awareness of breast cancer. He’s pretty much awesome. Check out Love Your Sister.
Sorting: Clothes and other random things hidden in my cupboards. It’s time for another cull.
Buying: Easter Eggs and birthday presents.
Getting: Excited that my trip to Sydney is now less than seven weeks away. I can’t wait to catch up with friends and wake up in Taronga Zoo on my birthday.
552469-roar-and-snoreBookmarking: Recipes. 2014 is the year I will cook things other than baked goods.
Disliking: The fact it is getting dark earlier in the afternoon; just an extra hour of sunshine per day, all year round, would be most welcome.
Opening: The fridge every 15 minutes hoping food has miraculously appeared. 
Giggling: At the story about the woman whose ill-timed fart almost changed her destiny. Click here to read it. It’s awesome. I had tears from laughing so much.  

If you want to give it a go for yourself, here’s the list:











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