{Recipe} Strawberry and chia seed mousse with cashew and coconut cream

Gwinganna Food 13

Chocolatier Jacques Torres famously said: “Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

This recipe from Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat’s head chef Hermann Schafellner will make you want to do just that and the best part is it’s good for you—not only does it involve healthy, natural ingredients but it’s also dairy and gluten-free making it great for those with food allergies.

Strawberry and chia seed mousse with cashew and coconut cream


200 g Strawberries (or other seasonal fruits such as mango)
100 ml coconut milk
½ lime juiced
1/4 vanilla bean, seeds scraped out (keep rind for compotes)
80 g chia seeds
1 tsp honey (depending on sweetness of fruits)
2-3 sprigs mint, chopped

Cashew and coconut cream:
80 g raw cashew nuts, boiled in water for 15 min, drained and rinsed cold
100 ml  coconut milk
1 tsp honey and 1 sliver vanilla (seeds only)


1. Blend all ingredients except chia seeds in a blender to smooth consistency; stir in the seeds and give mix a good whisk.
2. Spoon into suitable glasses and top with a 5 mm layer of cashew and coconut cream. Refrigerate until required and garnish with sliced strawberries, mint and a sprinkle of a few chia seeds (alternatively, you can just mix the coconut milk straight into the fruit mousse).
3. For the cream blend the cashews, coconut cream, honey and vanilla in a blender to a creamy semi-whipped consistency. Refrigerate until needed.

Serves: 6

Chef’s note: You can replace strawberries with other seasonal fruits; stone fruits like mango or blood plums during summer, or banana and blueberries work well too. You can also use other herbs including lemon balm, lemon verbena, sweet basil or Russian tarragon which will add a nice twist to this light and delicious finale for a Sunday lunch!

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