10 easy steps to eBay success


I once read that the secret to a successful closet clean out was to start by writing a list of your favourite pieces (mine would go something like: striped t-shirt, striped t-shirt, striped dress, blue jeans, pink jeans, lighter pink jeans, striped t-shirt).

The theory being that if you stop and think about what your favourite pieces are—those pieces you grab all the time because you know they’ll (almost) always fit and you’ll (almost) always look and feel fabulous—you’ll find it easier to cull because if doesn’t make the list, out it goes.

But that’s easier said than done, otherwise we’d be forever purging our unwanted clothes and everyone’s closets would look like Carrie Bradshaw’s well-organised, walk-in-wardrobe from the second Sex and the City movie (a girl can dream, right?).

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes you never wear and more pairs of shoes than there are days in a month, and while you’d like to freshen things up, your bank account is looking a little sad after the holidays. 

Well, I have a solution … sell your stuff on eBay.

If you struggle to clean out closet on your own, phone a friend for their opinion on what looks good on you, fits with your personal style and is somewhat classic in style for continued wear.

They went into my closest looking for skeletons, but, thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes. —Imelda Marcos—

Here are my ten top tips for getting more bang for your buck on eBay:

1. Download the mobile app—it’s quicker and easier than using the web-based version. You can snap your photos on your phone and upload them within minutes.

2. Get yourself a PayPal account—the majority of buyers on eBay prefer to pay for their purchase via PayPal. It also allows you to receive your money immediately and speed up your dispatching time since the money is already on your side.

3. Hang your clothes on the back of a plain coloured door (you can grab a handy over-the-door hook from somewhere like Howard’s Storage World) in a well-lit area, ideally with lots of natural light to show true colours.

4. Take multiple photos (using flash if you don’t have lots of natural light)—front of item, back of item, close up on any details (or damage), tags to show brand and size.

5. Upload to eBay and write your description, using as much detail as possible—mention whether the item has been worn, any damage or usual features. I like to include suggestions on what I wore/or thought about wearing the item to (ie. suitable for the races, cocktail parties, can be dressed us for work or worn casual on the weekends).

6. Make your title count—include the brand, the size, what style it is (dress, skirt etc), whether it still has tags, if it’s in a good condition (If your clothing is in perfect condition with no wear whatsoever and no stains or rips, you can describe it as being in excellent used condition), colour etc.

7. Set a reserve price—think about what is the lowest price you’d be willing to accept for the item and use that as your reserve, knowing it may sell for that amount.

8. Be prepared to answer questions about sizing.

9. Don’t be tempted to over price your shipping costs and try to make a small profit on this. It’s often easiest to mail items in an Australia Post express post bag, which are available at set prices depending on the weight (500g or 3kg).

10. Try not to get distracted looking at items that other people are selling or you’ll just fill your closet up again!

Happy selling!


  1. middleagedmama1

    I’ve always loved op shopping, when my kids were little I would buy designer brands even if they didn’t fit anybody in my family, and sell them on Ebay! It certainly made a nice bit of pocket money in the days when I was a SAHM. And yes, those Australia Post bags are definitely the way to go. I’d never really thought about Ebaying my old stuff though – probably because I buy mostly from the cheap and cheery shops and there’s not a designer label to be found, so it hasn’t seemed worth it.

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Blonde Ambition

      Hello Coombe, thanks for popping by. Having donated bags and bags to the charity shop or friends in the past, I thought I’d give it a go with some of my nicer stuff or corporate wear. Its nice to get a bit back and know its going to good homes! The more casual wear still goes to charity.


  2. suzanne3childrenandit

    What useful advice! I am rubbish and purging and even worse at selling on ebay! I just hate that you get so little for all the admin time it takes to sell something. I guess one or two bits are worth putting the effort in for and it’s about sifting through those. Now you’ve got all that money, what are you going to fill your closet with?!


    1. Blonde Ambition

      Perhaps I should become people’s eBay assistant. My journalism background means I write fancy descriptions and paint the scene of where you might wear it or accessorize it with! Haha. Well, I may have already reinvested some of it into a Camilla dress/kaftan which was on my fashion bucket list… And I got it on sale! Admittedly I do have lots of cocktail dresses/work wear that I don’t wear often and re-sell for pretty good prices. The normal day to day stuff I don’t. Thank you for stopping by!


  3. XmasDolly

    Wow, this is funny. I’ve been thinking about selling a few things on EBay, but I’ve never done it before and was afraid to start and end up spending money instead of making it. Like for example I have a brand new laminator and it’s huge, but what I didn’t know is my husband already has one, but it’s smaller, and just what we need not this huge one. So I wanted to sell it. Hmmm Maybe I shall start with that. Wish me luck!


  4. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy

    This is fantastic. I am a huge fan of ebay and I sell a lot of my stuff and all the kids stuff on ebay too. Its like a second job. And like to think I get bang for my buck for sure. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure right? Lovely and helpful post. More should get on ebay and sell. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


  5. Dagmara - Glamista Home

    I have been always thinking about how I can get rid of some of the stuff that is hanging in my closet and considered e-bay. However I’ve never tried it thinking it would be way too much trouble. Your tips are great, I especially like the tip on getting the mobile app to speed things up. Sounds like I have a new project coming up. Thank you for sharing.


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