9 of the best ASOS flats 

A good pair of flats can see you through the seasons and give you a stylish break from wearing heels.

According to Marie Claire, they were the bees knees at the SS16 fashion shows which means they’ll be all the rage in Australia this year.

Despite being somewhat vertically challenged, this news makes me rejoice.

Why? Because when comfort is key, a good pair of flats fits the bill almost every time. I can walk, run, skip, twirl and jump in them, all without risk of rolling an ankle or taking a tumble in public.

You can have dressy pairs or casual ones and there are just as many pretty and colourful choices available as there are in heels.

Nine West is my go-to for a good pair of flats for work or play; their Speakup shoe comes in a variety of materials and prints and at any given time I have two pairs (usually in clashing prints) which I wear to death before replacing with their latest release.

When it comes to wearing flats on a day-to-day basis, having a couple of basic styles (lace up, standard ballet or loafers) in neutral colours (black, tan, nude or metallic) will make it easier to give your outfit a timeless look.

Plus, if you’re like me, having a selection of neutral colours will make it so much easier to throw shoes on as you run out the door. I’ve been giving these Witchery flats in soft gold quite a workout lately, see them in action here.

But don’t keep it all neutral; shoes are a great way to add a pop of colour or flair to your outfit.

I can’t go past an embellished shoe; the sparklier the better really, which could suggest I’ve watched a little too much of The Wizard of Oz.

To get you started on the path to flat shoe heaven, I’ve rounded up 9 fabulous flats from ASOS which will give your outfits an extra edge.

The best news? They’re all under $70.

Your podiatrist can thank me later.


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