Would you rather?

While doing a cruise around some of my favourite blogs last week, I found a post called Would You Rather, by Shane at Sea Salt Secrets.

I loved reading her answers so I thought I’d give it a go myself.

Would you rather …

Tour all the vineyards OR all the breweries OR all the distilleries in the world?
I’m take the vineyard because although I’m not much of a wine drinker (champagne is a different story), I do love the prettiness of vineyards. Plus there are vineyards everywhere so I could constantly travel the world. And when I didn’t want to drink, I could wander through the vines and soak up the sunshine.

For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country OR would you stay where your friends and family are?
I’d be willing to move. Kind of. Maybe.

For a weekend getaway, stay in Airbnb OR go camping?
Airbnb. I’ve camped in Europe, London and back in school and most times it ended in disaster or just wasn’t as fun as it seemed it would be. Airbnb gives you the chance to pretend you’re a local living in whichever city you’re is always fun, plus I really love steaming hot showers.

Pack too much and have to pay excess fees OR too little and risk forgetting an essential?
Pack too little? Is that something people do? How? I always over pack. Including the time I packed my brother’s backpack for a trip to Europe and then it was delayed and by the time it found me in Europe and I tried to put it on, I could barely stand up. I think I lasted 5 days before I bought a suitcase with wheels!

Be guaranteed access to heaven OR live an extra 100 years?
I feel like living an extra 100 years would guarantee that I’d get a flying car like in The Jetsons.

Work a minimum wage job for the rest of your life OR live in the wilderness for the rest of your life?
Minimum wage job. I’m hardly the wilderness type.

Take a Topdeck tour all planned out for you, with 20-something companions or travel solo and have to rely on yourself?
Topdeck tour for sure. I’ve travelled on tours and by myself and after a while, I get really bored of my own company. Organised tours like Topdeck are a great way to see new places and forge friendships that will last long after you’ve jumped off the bus and hugged goodbye. Plus I’m still a 20-something at heart!

Spend the day with a thief or a beggar?
Beggar. I’m always interested to know how they ended up living the way they are and whether they have family etc.

Not be able to shower for a week OR not be able to brush your teeth for three days?
Oh holy lord, this is my worse nightmare. I shower two or three times a day and obsessively clean my teeth (which is why I haven’t had a filling ever, touch wood. I’ve jinxed myself now, right?) I really don’t think I can choose. If I have endless access to deodorant and am allowed to swim, I’ll go without a shower.

For $5,000, stay overnight in a haunted insane asylum OR ride a broken wooden rollercoaster?
Rollercoaster I guess. They scare the shit out of me but at least it would be over quickly. Unless it’s so broken I’d plummet to my death? Damn. No rollercoasters for me this year at the Ekka.

Have unlimited, speedy wi-fi OR unlimited, passionate sex?

Everyone thinks your life sucks but it’s actually awesome OR everyone thinks your life is good but it’s actually shitty?
Let everyone think my life sucks when it’s really awesome wins hands down. I’ve already tried the other way and it’s not fun.

I’d love to know how you’d answer some of these questions, so pop your favourite in the comments below and let me know what you’d do (or what you did do if the situation has happened before).

Remember, there’s no third option, aside from in that first question; you have to choose one or the other.

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