Will you help me Bust a Move for breast cancer?

Bust a Move 2I’m going to come right out and say it, I love my boobs and I love my friend’s boobs.

So it really sucks to know that 43 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer EVERY DAY*. That’s 15 930 Australian women a year.

That’s why I’m getting ready to burn up the dance floor to help Mater Chicks in Pink make their wildest dreams come true —funding 15 600 support items for women with breast cancer.

I’m going to shake, shimmy, stretch and sashay my way through SIX HOURS of fitness sessions as part of this year’s Bust a Move on Saturday 18 June.

For those who don’t know, I’ve spent the past 18 months hanging out with the cool kids at Mater Foundation a couple of days a week.

In my role, I’ve had the chance to chat with some extraordinary women who have battled—and beaten—breast cancer and been supported by the Mater Chicks in Pink program.

In fact, Mater Chicks in Pink are so passionate about making a difference to the lives of women with breast cancer, it gets them all fired up.

Now they’re looking for women who feel the same to jump around, shake your tail feather and get your vogue on at their boogie wonderland to raise funds so Mater Chicks in Pink can keep giving these women the things they really need:

  • Mastectomy bras to help restore a little of their sense of self following breast surgery;
  • Counselling sessions to provide emotional support for women and their families;
  • Cleaning vouchers because dealing with chemotherapy can be rough enough without trying to keep your house clean;
  • Counselling for terminally ill women to help them to create ‘Memory Boxes‘ for their families.

If you want to get involved, you oughta know that they’re gonna make you sweat, but you’ll also be livin’ la vida loca as you high kick, lunge and laugh, and sweat and shimmy through six dance, yoga and resistance workouts.

Now’s the time to get physical, ladies.

If you’re not sure if you can go the distance, believe me when I say it’s alright. I’ve been assured that whether you’re an aerobics master or step class disaster, the absolutely fabulous fitness instructors will cater for all levels with awesome tunes, funky town moves and easy to follow routines.

It takes two to tango, so I’ll need your support to shake it off on the floor for Mambo No. 5. You know I’ve got the right stuff!

If you can spare a couple of dollars, jump over to my fundraising page so we can get this party started

Surely by now, you understand why l wanna be starting something, but if you still don’t understand why it’s important we help these women out with counselling sessions, free wigs and mastectomy bras, click here.

If you want to join me on the dance floor, you can reserve your spot right here, right now.

The $50 registration fee will cover your yoga mat, access to the Chill Out Zone (think bean bags, massages and facials) and a refuelling station filled with healthy snacks, and they’ll give you until mid-August to raise your $500!

If you’re thinking ‘but I wanna dance with somebody’ (and I just won’t cut it) then share this link {http://www.bustamove.org.au} with your breasties and ask them to join us to Bust a Move!

It’s as easy as ABC.

Will you help me to take some of the stress off women with breast cancer by raising funds to provide support items and services such as house cleaning, counselling and mastectomy bras?

If my brilliant use of song titles made you want to dance, click here to visit my fundraising page.

*Cancer Australia, 2016 (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

Bust a Move

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