Searching for street art in Los Angeles 

One of the things I noticed most during my visit to the US was the prolific amount of street art. I’m not talking a random tag or something dodgy; these were beautiful works of art on the sides of buildings in Miami, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

In each city I visited, I set aside time to see which pieces I could find, intentionally and unintentionally. It was like my own urban treasure hunt and, when I was in LA, the Wings by artist Colette Miller were my holy grail.

Now scattered throughout LA and in cities around the world, Miller’s Wings are a perfect reminder of the angelic within us all–especially in the city of Angels.

They were designed for people to stand in front of them for photos; one set even had a plastic milk crate left under they for those of us who are vertically challenged!

I made it my mission to find at least one set of Miller’s wings while I was in Los Angeles; I did some Googling, found one location and headed in that direction only to find the roller door they’re on (at the Regent Theatre, 448 S Main St) had been put up for the day.

With the help of Google maps, I then made my way to the Arts District on foot.

It’s about a 30 minute walk from where I was staying at The Standard Downtown LA and I did pass through some very shady areas which had been cursing Google because I thought I’d be mugged, but then I popped out in an area filled with cool cafes, shops and even a brewery!

Here are some of my favourite street art pieces from Los Angeles:

Credit for this shot goes to my awesome Uber driver Courtney for looping the block to take this photo for me!

If you’d like to see more photos from my trip, including more street art pieces, pop over to my Instagram account, @brookefalvey and keep an eye out for my upcoming post on how to spend 48 hours in Downtown LA.

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