Guess who launched a YouTube channel?

While my friends are getting married and having babies, I took the leap and committed to having my own YouTube channel.

It’s true; you can now enjoy all the glory of my awkward on-screen stuttering any time you like and yes, it is REALLY surprising that I didn’t pursue a career on TV.

There’s already a bunch of videos up there from my US trip (if you follow me on Facebook you may have already seen a few) including the video resulting from when I got in the wrong Uber.

To kick things off I’ve also added some new videos and I’ve got some exciting things happening over the next couple of months which I’ll be sharing on video.

Head on over and give it a look, have a chuckle and maybe, if you’re feeling generous, be super brilliant and subscribe so you don’t miss any of the awkward moments going forward!

Go on, be a pal and click here. That way when I’m famous on Getaway, you can say you knew me when my YouTube had just 10 views!

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