Last night when Chris Hemsworth came to town

Last night, lured by the promise of discounted drinks, tasty treats and a chance to catch up with new friends, I popped along to a travel blogger shindig at Capri by Fraser in Brisbane’s CBD.

Capri by Fraser 1
The event had been booked for weeks and, as the gods (literally) would have it, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (Hemsy and Hiddles as they shall now be known) were filming Thor across the road.

Now because of the Thor-mania that was sweeping the city, I hadn’t planned to join the crazed crowds vying for the attention of these handsome celebs but having polished off a Chambord champagne cocktail, I figured what the hell. Plus it’s Hemsy. He’s practically a national icon and currently King of the selfie so it would be rude not to try and get in on the action.

So I did. And wasn’t it an eye opener on how ruthless people will be when there’s a celebrity around.


I spent 15 long, painful minutes listening to a 14-year-old in her school uniform gush about her love for Tom Hiddleston and how Hemsy came near her but didn’t stop for a photo (Good move, Hemsy. She had stage 5 clinger written all over her).

Finally, the moment came when we were just metres away from Kim Hyde, I mean Thor, I mean Hemsy appeared before us. And everyone’s ovaries did a backflip.

Thanks to the impressive crowd weaving skills of Erin (and a little name dropping action) we ended up a photo with the man himself.

Thor 8
It’s kind of hard to see me, before I people behind me trying to squish me into oblivion AND I had to stand on my tippy-toes to make it but I’m there.

Because it was the last night the duo would be filming in our fair city, both Hemsy and Hiddles did the rounds of the waiting crowd, trying to get as many photos with fans as they could.

Hiddles, handsome as he is (and brilliant in The Night Manager … If you haven’t seen it check it out. I’m tipping him to be the next Bond so remember you read it here first) anyway, back on topic, Hiddles was taking ages to work his way around the crowd.Thor 4

Thor 3 Eventually he made it to our position outside Capri on Fraser and once again, the squishing began promoting security to tell everyone to back up or Hiddles would keep moving. It seems that didn’t translate for some people.

Thor 2
I again made it into the photo (just) but someone tried to take me out as it happened, you can see their blurry arm trying to push me out the way.

With my celeb spotting complete, I headed back inside for a grand tour of Capri by Fraser which included the heated indoor pool and the spin & play room/gym which has a foosball table (my skills are a little rusty so I lost to Kenn from Ninebot) and these cool spinning chairs:


    1. Blonde Ambition

      I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I was saying at one stage, Beth. It was awful, slightly less intense than the crowd crushing I experienced at Running of the Bulls where two awesome guys had to practically carry me out mid anxiety attack, but still bad. Hemsy is lucky he’s so good looking! X


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