What I Wore This Week 

This week I realised that there’s only so much you can push your body and mind before either or both reach breaking point – and that’s exactly where I found myself. So, aside from a sneaky trip to the Sunshine Coast to celebrate the launch of Miss Monogram with Ange (Teachers on Trend) and Katy (Katy Potaty), I spent most of this week lying low and trying to be kind to myself.

What I wore this week: 

What-Brooke-Wore-7-November-2016Monday | Witchery top | Cotton On skirt | mum’s shoes

What-Brooke-Wore-8-November-2016Tuesday | Marcs dress | Hael & Jax FAITH heels from Hummingbird the Shop at The Gap (gifted)

What-Brooke-Wore-9-November-2016Wednesday | French Connection dress | Witchery shoes

What-Brooke-Wore-10-November-2016Thursday | Gap tee | Portmans pants | Seed necklace | Witchery shoes

What-Brooke-Wore-11-November-2016Friday | Jag top | Cotton On shorts

What-Brooke-Wore-12-November-2016Saturday | Camilla Child’s Play dress | Seed Heritage heels | Oroton clutch

What-Brooke-Wore-13-November-2016Sunday | Cotton On tee and skirt

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