Five on Friday: Ali from Whoot Whoot Designs

Before I left Brisbane, I caught up with Ali from Whoot Whoot Designs who gave me a pair of her beautiful Milky Way earrings to take away with me on the Alice to Darwin Smiddy Challenge.
Ali is a Brisbane-gal and mum who recently launched her own jewellery line, Whoot Whoot Designs which she’s now selling on Etsy and I decided she’d make a fabulous Five on Friday.
So grab a Kit Kat, take a break and get to know Ali.
Describe yourself in three words…
Enthusiastic, passionate and introverted (go figure)

Tell us a little bit about your background…
By day I am a social worker, partner and mum. By (late) night I love to design and make unique, bold jewellery. I find this is a great creative outlet and stress release from my work.

How did Whoot Whoot Designs come about?
Whoot Whoot’ just happens to be my favourite exclamation, a quirky shout out word that encapsulates enthusiasm and happiness , so it made sense to use the name for this little but loud business. 
Was designing something you always wanted to do?
No, it has evolved over time. I found I was lusting over so many different unique earrings and jewellery that in order to afford to own them all, I just had to design and make my own!! It grew from there as people would always comment on my jewellery.
What is the inspiration behind what you create?
Lots of colour, quirkiness and a bit of retro inspiration.
How do you keep your life in balance as both a mum who works full-time and running a new business?
That is definitely a work in progress! Every night before my son goes to bed, we have been using the Smiling Mind app for end of day mindfulness /relaxation and we have both enjoyed this. (A glass of wine also helps!)
What’s next for Whoot Whoot Designs?
I’ve got some super exciting times planned for the rest of the year. My big launch of an online store with some amaa-zing giveaways is coming up.  Collaborations with some inspiring micro
business-women and something I am very passionate about – regular donations from Whoot Whoot Designs towards charities and organisations that empower girls and women.  Keep an eye out on insta!  This is an exciting but also anxiety provoking time, however my mantra, magic happens outside your comfort zone, will keep me going.
How would you describe your style?
Colourful, quirky and happy.
What is your favourite go-to outfit in Autumn/Winter?
I love all things Boom Shankar and Palmaira Sandals. However I am currently swooning over Little Party Dress Watermelon Patty Top.

Shop Whoot Whoot Designs on Etsy here and find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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