22 of the best kimonos

A printed or embroidered kimono is one of the easiest wardrobe items you could ever throw on in the morning, yet it has the ability to spice up a plain outfit or a simple day with a touch of glamour.

Throw them over shorts and a singlet for a casual weekend look, over black top and plants for the office or jeans, a tee and a topknot for cocktails with the girls.

Another great thing about them is that they generally have a casual, oversized fit to them which means that if you spot one while out shopping and it’s larger or smaller than your usual size, the chances are it will still look great on you so try it on!

Here are 22 of the best kimonos available now!

ASOS Kiss The Sky Floral Kimono Co-Ord (size XS-L), $89 | Sportsgirl Embroidered Balloon Sleeve Kimono (size XXS-L), $119.95 (I’ve got this one)  | The Style Cantina kimono (size S/M, M/L, coming soon), $129.95 | She Street Azura Kimono (size S/M, M/L), $69 | ASOS Honey Punch Kimono Bed Jacket In Satin With Eyelash Lace Trim (XS-L), $70 | Hanellei Donatella Kimono in Light Green (size S-L), $69 | Evans Floral Kimono from The Iconic (size 18-28), $59.95 | Gypsy Mermaid San Sebastian Kimono (size M/L), $50 | Free People Latimer Kimono (size XS-L), $128 | Sacred Seven Veronika Hand Beaded Long Kimono from The Iconic (one size), $225 | ASOS CURVE Dark Floral Jacquard Kimono Jacket (size 18-30), $149 | Decjuba Helena Kimono Jacket (one size), $129.95 | Shein Self Belted Floral Velvet Kimono (size S-XL),  $32.17 | Boohoo Ella Premium Floral Print Kimono (size S/M, M/L), $36 | Free People Cloud Dancer Maxi Kimono (one size), $250 (I want this one!) | Decjuba Alana Longline Kimono (size XS/S, M/L), $54.95 | Shein Contrast Neckline Crane Bird Print Kimono (size S-L), $59.20 | Hanellei Harajuku kimono (size S-L), $59 | Decjuba Liliana Kimono Jacket in Vintage Floral (S/M, M/L), $89.95 | Free People Ladies Who Lounge Kimono (size S-L), $160 | ASOS STYLENANDA Oversized Kimono With Frills In Floral Print, $51 (size 8-12) | Shein Rose Print Longline Velvet Kimono (size S-L), $29.60 | Forever New Leah Lace Kimono (one size), $89.95 (I’ve also got this one) 

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