Five on Friday: Karla Schumann of KarlaCola

Adelaide designer Karla Schumann, of KarlaCola is taking Instagram by storm with her bright and bold range of clothing

Not only does she juggle raising three children with running an ever-growing business, she’s also started collaborating with local designers to produce her bright and fun patterns.

I recently caught up with Karla to find out a little more about one of my favourite Instagrammers.

How (and when) did KarlaCola the label begin?
Around six years ago, but I have really thrown myself into it full-time once my youngest started school full-time three years ago. It began when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I immediately felt the need to start making her clothes.

Do you design the prints as well as the styles or collaborate with artists? 
I just did my first fabric design! I teamed up with the amazing Ellie whittaker who turned my ideas and sketches into our latest fabric design Once & Floral. I love collaborating with artists; it’s a lot of fun teaming up with other creatives to come up with a design that works with my brand or using one of their designs that catches my eye

What do you love most about what you do and why?
I love the colour! I’m really lucky I love my job, from creating to designing and collaborating and thinking of new ideas constantly, sometimes at 2am ha!

What do you hope women feel when they wear something from KarlaCola?
Amazing! Happy, cheerful and unique! I get told often how many compliments women get when wearing their KarlaCola, which makes them  feel amazing and that’s exactly what I had hoped to achieve

Do you have a favourite piece within your collection?
Currently it’s my Once & Floral Shift Dress—I can’t stop wearing it and am looking forward to layering it in cooler temperatures too. Previously it was my Protea Lovers Sundress, so it definitely changes depending on what I am focused on. It’s hard to choose when I have such a huge wardrobe filled with KarlaCola pieces

What is a typical day for you?
Super early starts; my business has grown so much I am finding there are not enough hours each day and while I am finally outsourcing some of the work, I have found starting my day earlier makes a big difference. I am most productive in the morning. So after a three shot soy latte, I just sew, sew, sew for nine hours straight! I try to do all my cutting on a Sunday or at night so it doesn’t interfere with my sewing process through the week. I usually finish up at school pick up time, collect the little ones and do my post run on foot with the kids. Then it’s dinner,  homework, bedtime and I end the day responding to emails and catching up on social media. It’s been a busy few months actually and the days fly past at lightning speed.

What has been your proudest moment to date?
I was recently featured in Peppermint Magazine which was a total surprise for me and one of my lovely followers let me know. When I showed my family at dinner my oldest son (12) ran up and gave me the biggest hug and said, ‘I am so proud of you, Mum’. These are the important things in life as my family have watched my business boom, helped pack orders when I am under the pump and their love and support have been the most important thing of all.

Who are your beauty and style inspirations?
Oh gosh that’s a tricky one , I’m not entirely sure ha ha ! Sorry but first person that comes to mind is EmmyLou Maccarthy of @emmylou_loves on Instagram; she is gorgeous and her confidence and smile radiates like a diamond.

If you could you share one bit of wisdom to a younger you what would it be?
Stick with it! Accept that it takes time to grow and be prepared to give it your all 100 per cent of the time. Don’t doubt yourself even if someone else shoots your ideas down. You need to believe in yourself as well as your product for others to do the same

What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?
Pjs! Yep all day pjs and meal prep for the week ahead. That or a lazy beach day. We have family dinner every Sunday with my sister and mum and take turns rotating it. We play a few games, enjoy a nice meal, glass of wine, it’s always my favourite way to end the week.

Follow Karla on Instagram, Facebook or shop her website here

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