How to wear a checked blazer three ways

Checked blazers are a huge trend for Autumn/Winter and they’re popping up everywhere!

You can barely walk through a shopping centre these days without spotting one in at least a handful of shop windows—and they’re all over Instagram but with good reason—the checked blazer is a quick way to update your wardrobe AND it’s likely go with multiple things that you already own.

Today I’ve taken the double-breasted Good Morning Jacket (size 8-14) from Billy J Boutique and styled it three ways—with jeans, with a long-sleeved little black dress and with the colour red (which really pops).

With red

Get the look: 

Blazer | Tee | Shorts | Jumpsuit | Dress | Heels 

With black:

Get the look: 

Blazer | Dress | Heels | Clutch | Dress

With jeans: 

Get the look: 

Blazer | Tee | Jeans | Heels | Jeans 

Do you have a favourite look? Do you own a checked jacket/blazer?









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