What I Wore Last Week

It’s been a while since I put together a ‘What I Wore This Week’ post, but I thought it was about time I brought it back for those who don’t follow me on Instagram.

Last week was a good one—not only did I wear some of my favourite clothes (and a lot of stripes), but I got to do some new and exciting things.

After years of licking my lips while looking at people’s lunch photos, I finally visited Rick Shores at Burleigh for a little pre-birthday lunch for my boyfriend where we tried their signature ‘Ricks’ Fried Bug Roll. It seriously doesn’t get better than a fried Moreton Bay Bug topped with gem lettuce and sriracha on the lightest brioche bun. They were definitely worth the drive!

Then on Friday, I teamed up with babes and fellow bloggers Katy Potaty, Pretty Chuffed, I Love That Skirt and Trainee Mama to reveal our latest find for The Fashionable Five (#thefashionablefive).

We started the concept back in March as a way to show women how to style the same piece five ways and for five different body shapes, personal styles and lifestyles.

We’ve got sizes 8-14 covered; boobs and no boobs; blondes and brunettes; mums and kid-free gals; sporty, athletic and curvy body types. But we’re all mates and we love the challenge of not just finding a great affordable piece to share—but adapting it to suit our own personal taste and style.

You can check out our past editions of The Fashionable Five here.

I topped the week off with dinner at The Vietnamese in the Valley, which has been feeding the people of Brisbane since the early 80s, and a trip to Eat Street on Saturday night.

What I Wore Last Week: 

Monday || Boom Shankar Nastasiya Top (gifted) | Jeanswest jeans | Target Mavis Chelsea Ankle Boots

Wednesday || Hot Date Sweater from Alessandra Cashmere (gifted) | Mia Fratino Cashmere Ribbed Scarf (gifted) | Jeanswest jeans | Basque Red Bow Heels from Myer

Thursday || True Romance Vest from St Frock (gifted) | Colour Me Happy knit from Marcs | Jeanswest jeans | Dune London flats

Friday || The Fashionable Five|| Emerge Stripe Sweater from Ezibuy (gifted) | Uncut Cord Mini Skirt from Target | Coach bag | Top End Upclimb Navy Metallic Leather Ankle Boots from Mountford Shoes (gifted)

Saturday || Django & Juliette Lulula Pink Rainbow Leather Ankle boots from Cinori Shoes (gifted)

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