15 tote-ally cute reusable bags for under $100

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already found yourself cursing as the checkout upon realising the new plastic bag ban has taken effect.

Do you do the environmentally-conscious thing and buy yet another green bag, knowing you’ll throw it on the pile of bags stashed under the kitchen sink, forgetting all about it until the next time you’re standing at the checkout?

Or do you do what I did and pull up the bottom of your jumper to make a pouch and hug your taco kit, lettuce and sour cream tight like it’s a baby kangaroo all the way to the car?

I’ve discovered the only way for me not to forget to BYOB is to make the bag stand out. The bigger or brighter the better. And because I’m generally a shop for tonight’s dinner kind of gal, a tote bag will usually see me through.

Here’s a look at my top picks for cute and colourful reusable shopping bags:

Bershka Straw Shopper With Pom Pom Detail, $72 | Baggu Tote Bag, $19.95 | Kmart Neoprene Tote, $20 |  Mar Y Sol Caracas Tote with Pom Poms, $89 | Kmart Brooklyn Reversible Tote, $15 | Oasis shopper bag with bow detail in stripe, $45 | River Island Reversible Shopper Bag, $60 | Stradivarius large mesh shopper, $16 | Market Basket Co Marketeer, $46 | Stradivarius Large Spot Shopper, $40 | Bohemia Country Colour Weave Basket, $39 | Stradivarius Bold Stripe Shopper, $20 | Toucan Bay Shopping Bundle, $45 | Chuchka Venus Neoprene Tote, $65.40 | Warehouse shopper bag in check, $43

As well as fitting your ‘grab something for dinner’ purchases, these reusable bags can also double as a beach bag, weekend bag and day bag!

And if you keep forgetting your bags, try these tips:

  • Put “take shopping bags” on the top of each new shopping list.
  • Store reusable bags in your car and at work for those unplanned visits to the supermarket.
  • If you have more than a handful of groceries at the checkout and you’ve left your bags in the car, simply put your groceries back in the trolley once scanned and bag them at your car.
  • After emptying your reusable bags of groceries at home, put them straight back into your car.

Finally, if you’re more of a weekly shop person, take some inspiration from the giant totes which featured in Camilla & Marc runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Photo: Getty Images

Just kidding!

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