Eye candy at Sugar Republic

Have you always dreamt of jumping out of a giant birthday cake? Well you’re in luck!

There’s just over a week to go before Sugar Republic, the sweetest pop-up installation to hit Brisbane packs up its Wizz Fizz and heads back down south, so get in quick if you want to tick cake popping off your bucket list!

There’s no denying Sugar Republic is an Instagrammer’s dream; from the inflatable, human-sized gumball machine and birthday cake big enough to jump out of to the sherbet-filled rainbow bridge and adult-size pink ball pit.

Everywhere you turn there’s another cute backdrop just waiting to be featured in a photo or as the backdrop to a Boomerang, all with a sweet theme.

Given my deep love of ball pits and cute Instagram photos, it probably won’t come as a surprised that I dragged my wonderful photographer and friend Kate Luke down for a pre-opening VIP session.

Last month, my photographer and friend Kate Luke and I were invited down to check out the installation and get a few sneaky shots before it opened. Kate packed her camera and I packed about 75 changes of clothes. Okay, I think it was actually five outfits. Plus shoes.

In between mouthfuls of fairy floss, we took a bunch of fun photos which I’ve been sharing across my Instagram. Here are some of the ones we love best:

Although this one against the neon wall has to be the shot of the day … and I’m pretty sure it was the first one Kate snapped!

Dress: Asos | Shoes: Nine West | Shimmy: All me.

While there are some treats such as ice-cream, lollies and fairy floss available for tasting, don’t expect too much of a sugar hit, unless you scoot over to the grocery store across the way for a sweet treat at the end of your visit.

Sugar Republic is open at Valley Metro until 21 October. Tickets are $35 and $29 for children 12 and under and must be bought in advance online at sugarrepublic.com.au

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