My Travelshoot in Fiji

One hour. Three outfits. One torrential downpour.
An album of memories.

Last year I shared my top tip for getting better travel photos when travelling solo (read it here), but long story short, I first embraced the Travelshoot when I visited New York in 2016 (check it out here), and now I tell everyone going on travelling to book one!

Travelshoot is an Australian company that pairs local photographers in more than 90 cities around the world with travellers who want high-quality, beautiful images from their holiday.

And they’re easy to book—jump online, choose your location and package and Travelshoot match you with a photographer who is local to the area, so they’ll know all the picturesque places!

When the team at Travelshoot found out I was heading back to Fiji last year, they offered me a one-hour shoot and I jumped at the chance—not only did I know I’d get some fantastic photos, but it would save my Mum from playing photographer all week.

After five days of brilliant blue skies, we woke on the morning of our shoot to grey, gloomy skies. It had been months since it had rained in Fiji, and given I don’t seem to have much sway with Mother Nature, I decided to embrace it the wet weather.

We met our photographer Laura in the lobby of the Sheraton Fiji where we were staying and she snapped a few quick shots of Mum and I together as we made our way around the resort.

But it was short lived because the skies quickly opened—and there was no end in sight!

Caught in the downpour, we ended up completely soaked; Mum bailed out in search of a warm shower, dry clothes and a hair dryer while I decided to embrace the weather we’d been dealt.

The results were better than anything I expected, especially when Laura and I ran down onto the beach to get a few shots in my Frankie & Dash rainbow striped shirt dress which popped against the grey skies.

Given I was already wet from top to toe, we then decided to hit the empty pool to capture me doing what I do best on holidays—chilling with a cocktail!

Have you ever been to Fiji? Where did you stay? What’s your favourite things to do there?

Editor’s note: I was gifted this Travelshoot, however all opinions are my own.

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