Girl vs Food: The Burg’ito

During my last week in London, my wee little Scottish friend Sarah promised me a lunch treat that would ‘rock my world’—the burg’ito.

Whipped up by Rare Str-eat, a fairly new player on the street food scene who have a lunch time stall at Borough Market on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the burg’ito is just as it sounds—a combination of burger and burrito.

As someone who loves burgers AND burritos, I was intrigued.

But also a little wary … no one wants to spend the afternoon burping into the faces of the lovely staff at Kate Spade.

It turned out I had nothing to worry about with only high quality ingredients by the Rare Str-eat team.

The concept of the burg’ito is simple—burger patties and toppings wrapped up inside a tortilla—but the flavours that come together create a bit of a taste explosion.

Piled onto a soft flour tortilla sit three ‘slider’ mini burger patties made with rare-breed Galloway beef, green leaf salad, homemade ketchup, pickled gherkin and French Comte cheese.

Caramelised onions and a swirl of sweet mustard top things off before everything is rolled up like a burrito.
To say it was good would be an understatement.

The flavours of the burg’ito worked well together and the patties were each cooked to perfection!

Using a tortilla is also a much lighter way to enjoy burger patties for those not big on bread.

I’ll be giving the burg’ito a go the next time I’m looking to make a quick and easy dinner!

That last face pretty much says ‘hell yeah!’

A big thanks to Sarah for rocking my world!

Located in Borough Market, you can pick up a Rare Str’eat burg’ito for £5.

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