Borough Markets, London

London’s Borough Market has a reputation as England’s most renowned food market.

It’s the place to go for quality British and international food and offers up a mouthwatering range of tastes, textures and colours.

Featuring up to 100 stalls each Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the market has everything from fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood to cured meats, baked goods, flowers and artisan confectionery.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the market opens with a select number of stalls and lunch traders including Rare Str’eat, makers of the Burgito which featured in my Girl vs Food challenge issued by my friend Sarah (more on that to come soon!).

The gastronomical history of Borough Market is believed to date back as far as back as far as 1014 with traders meeting at London Bridge to sell grain, fish, vegetables and livestock. They were later relocated to what is now Borough High Street.

In 1755, the market was closed by Parliament, but a group of Southwark residents raised £6,000 to buy a patch of land known locally as The Triangle—once the churchyard of St Margaret’s—and reopened the market.

The triangle is still at the heart of the market today.

Here are my favourite photos from my visit:

For those with a sweet tooth, I’d highly recommend a Tart Au Citron from Comptoir Gourmand.

It was absolutely delicious … the pastry was perfect and the smooth lemon butter melted in my mouth with just the right amount of tartness.

In fact, it was so good, I made a second visit to the market a few days later for lunch and topped it off with another tart which I ate while sitting in a deck chair in Green Park.

I also picked up a packet of honeycomb and some pieces of ginger fudge from Whirld for a road trip to the Cotswolds. In both cases it was a struggle to not scoff the whole lot as soon as each packet was opened!

Open six days a week, the full Market is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and open for lunch (10am-3pm) Monday to Wednesday.

Located in Southwark in Central London, Borough Market is easily accessed from London Bridge tube station.


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