My ‘awkie’ scored me top prize

I love to win stuff.
I mean seriously LOVE to win stuff.

I won’t forget the day I won three cooking skillets in a raffle at the pub.

The other diners and drinkers thought they were in the audience of The Price Is Right such was my joy.

It also may have been because I yelled ‘come on down’ to myself as I danced through the bar to collect my prize.

And then there was the night before Christmas holidays when I won a meat tray at the Pig & Whistle in the city.

This photo, which was taken just after I won, sums up my feelings.


I can also confirm that carrying a meat tray through a packed city bar is a very good way to make new friends.

Particularly male friends. Although I suspect they were most taken with the meat on my (T)bones.

Anyway… when I read about Brisbane public relation firm KDPR’s Brisbane’s Ultimate Corporate Cache competition to win $3500 in prizes including flowers, beauty treatments and meals at some of Brisbane’s best restaurants, I had to enter.

I should point out that I’ve never won any big prizes… The meat tray was the best prize, but who doesn’t love tray of meat?! Other than vegetarians, of course.

Anyway, to enter Brisbane’s Ultimate Corporate Cache competition… KDPR wanted people to find their “most laugh out loud profile shot from the past 10 years – we’re talking bad hair, makeup mayhem, must-shave moustaches or far-from-fabulous fascinators!”

The theory being that a lot can change in 10 years.

Then you had to *gulp* upload the photo to any of your own social media channels, using the hash tag #KDPRturns10 and tag KDPR.

So I hit my old photo albums and I found some gold.

Not that I was an overly awkward kid but a few years ago my grandma told my mum she was pleased I’d come out of my ‘plain stage’.

It’s not the kind of thing one expects a grandma to say but she also told my mum she used to look like Terri Irwin, so at least she’s got form in compliment stakes.

Anyway, I finally settled on the profile shot to end all profile shots…

Yes, that’s been cut out of the newspaper.

Yes, I was wearing pearls.

Yes, I thought I looked awesome.

I was channeling Jana Wendt in a ‘I’m a hard-hitting news journalist’ kind-of-way. I also wore power suits to work.

It was an fail, really.

And I have literally just realised why I didn’t have many boyfriends from age 17 through to 20.

(I’m not sure what my excuse is for the past decade.)

But the embarrassment of sharing that profile photo on Twitter was totally worthwhile when I won more than $3500 worth of prizes including:

Lunch for four people at Esquire – valued at $400
Brow Bar package VIP Program – 24 brow and lash treatments over 12 months valued at $1,120
Pony – lunch for four – valued at $400
Six pack of shoe shines from Shoe Brigade – valued at $45
Reception floral display every week for 4 weeks from Butterfly Lounge, including delivery anywhere in Brisbane – valued at $400
Private wine and cheese tasting in the exclusive Vintaged Wine Room for you and seven friends, clients or colleagues at Hilton Brisbane.

Once again I threw my arms in the air, squealed and laughed when told of my win. And then rubbed it in pretty much everyone’s faces.


I’m now open to bribes from anyone who’d like to share in my bounty.

Big thanks to the crew at KDPR for drawing my awkward photo out of the hat. I hope I didn’t blow your eardrums out with the level of squealing that took place.

(This post was written while sitting on the front of my car in my gym gear having locked myself out home AND with a flat car battery… Proving just how fast you can go from a winner to a loser! But at least people are waving at me as they drive past!)

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