Bucket list 2014

Who can believe that it is already that time of year when people start breaking (or have already broken) their New Year resolutions?

Have you already broken yours? I haven’t but that’s because I decided to ditch the whole ‘new year, new me’ bullsh*t and not bother making resolutions in the first place.

Yes, I want to eat healthier. Yes, I want to exercise more. Blah blah blah … but making a pledge as the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve isn’t going to make than happen anymore than if I wrote it in my diary when I was 14.

But over the past couple of weeks I have taken the time to write another bucket list for things I hope aim to do at some point during 2014. 

As I already have two lists going here and here (which I am still working my way through) I decided to keep this year’s list short and sweet.

I’m already off to a pretty good start because on Thursday morning, I’ll be flying to Adelaide—a place I’ve never been before—for a long-weekend with some much-loved friends.

Visit South Australia
Go wine tasting in McLaren Vale, South Australia 
Do the Roar & Snore at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, New South Wales
Do the Treetop Walk through O’Reilly’s, Gold Coast, Queensland
Be the first in Australia to see the sun rise, Byron Bay, New South Wales
Take ballet lessons
Drive the Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Visit at health retreat 
Go glamping
Go sandboarding at Moreton Island, Queensland
Take part in the Color Run, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Pose nude
Book an overseas holiday for 2015
Be spontaneous
Go to a rodeo
Step outside my comfort zone 
Take the 52-week money challenge 
Try anti-gravity yoga

What’s on your bucket list for 2014?

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