Spicks and specks

Check out the shadow of the cyclist.
Check out the shadow of the cyclist.

I took this photo today while I was in my ‘happy place’.

I’d just been for a rather poor excuse for a run along the river at Kangaroo Point in my lunch break and had even stopped to have a swing in the park down near the Story Bridge Hotel before making my way back towards the office.

There I was enjoying the sunshine and listening to Spicks and Specks by the Bee Gees when I literally stopped to smell the flowers.

Unbeknownst to me there were two cyclists coming up on the footpath behind me and I’m guessing they were pretty surprised when I stopped so suddenly, because I think one of them came off his bike.

I’m not quite sure how because I was too busy photographing the flowers and singing along, but they looked pretty annoyed with me afterwards and one of them walked off pushing his bike rather than riding it.


But look at what a nice day it was:

Kangaroo Point
A romantic little spot by the river.
Swinging at Kangaroo Point
Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Swinging at Kangaroo Point
Brisbane City
I never get sick of this city.

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