What Brooke Wore

It’s fair to say I love to partake in the occasional spot of shopping.

I don’t consider myself super stylish, nor do I think I’m in any way on trend; I prefer to just find stuff I like that suits me and stick with it.

Earlier this year, spurred on by a lovely friend who acted as my chief photographer, I decided to launch What Brooke Wore, an Instagram account showcasing my daily outfits, style crushes and fashion wish lists (hello Chanel Flap Bag and Miu Miu Matelassé nappa leather clutch).

I thought it was a good way to push myself to make the most of my somewhat extensive wardrobe.

A few weeks ago I celebrated reaching 1000 followers, which I thought was pretty amazing given I feel like I wear the same pair of jeans at least five days a week.

For those who aren’t on Instagram, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite snaps/looks here. And if you are on Instagram and aren’t yet following me, what are you waiting for? Pop over and join the party.


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