17 ways to add colour to your world

Well, colour me happy, there’s a sofa in here for two!

Okay, there’s no sofa in this post but there is a whole lot of colour and that should make you happy, scientifically speaking.

Why? Because science says that looking at certain colours triggers neurological responses in the brain and the release of certain hormones.

Looking at warm, bright colours such as red or pink, releases dopamine—the feel-good hormone—which can improve our mood, produce feelings of happiness, optimism and energy, and even boost our sex drive (if you immediately want to throw on a pink and red colour combo clothing-wise, check out my outfit here) while cool blue tones release oxytocin, making you feel a sense of calm.

If you’re ready to live your life in colour this summer, here are 17 ways to brighten up your world.

MAC-red-lipstick-perfect-scoreRed has been found to increase attractiveness in both men and women, so slick on a red lipstick like M.A.C’s Perfect Score if you’re looking to give yourself a pep up.


pantone-bonechinamug_blue-mugBlue is a relaxing colour. Picture a cloudless blue sky or the soft crashing waves of a bright blue sea, and you’ll probably instantly feel relaxed. Choose a bright new mug like this Pantone mug and brighten up your day from your first tea or coffee of the morning.


Research has shown that adults often link the colour yellow with happiness, hope and laughter so get yourself a keyring like this sunny tassel from SheIn for an instant mood boost.


Did you know there’s a prison in Arizona which puts prisoners in pink jumpsuits? Back in the late 1970s there was a hue called “Drunk Tank pink”  which psychologists said could drain people of strength if they looked at it for two minutes. So if you’re in need of a hit of calmness, apply a pink nail polish like OPI’s Suzi Shops & Island Hops.

Happy Socks make for happy feet. If wearing bright colours out the outside isn’t your thing, add a pop of colour under your pants with Happy Socks (or even Happy Socks underpants!)

And if you can’t decide what colour you want, go all out with some of these fantastic multi-coloured products:

Bag Trader neoprene tote, $29 | SheIn Pink Metal Trim Sunglasses, $20 | Louenhide Baby Switch, $49.95 | Fossil Emma RFID Large Zip Clutch, $129 | Sunnylife See Thru Beach Pouch in Pineapple, $16.95 | Sunnylife Beach Umbrella in Wategos, $99.95 | Sunnylife Fouta Towel Baracoa, $39.95 | Rubi Shoes Flo Knot Lace Up Sandal, $15 | Oroton Forte Clutch Bag, $395 | Louvelle Dahlia daywear in Pink Painterly Floral, $40| Ruby Olive Atlantis Short Artisan Necklace, $80 | Nice Aprons Wayfind apron, $60

In what ways do you bring colour into your world? 


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