Five on Friday: Theresa Evelyn Designs 

In an apartment in Kangaroo Point, Tracey Heath creates a world of colour in the form of wearable art.

When I first spotted some of Tracey’s pieces at Paddington’s Thousand Island Dressing, I noticed that her collection of colourful statement clutches and earrings were the perfect blend of art and fashion.

And those who love a little dash of individuality will rejoice in knowing that no two pieces the same as they are each handcrafted from canvases which Tracey paints.

Tell me a little bit about your background before starting Theresa Evelyn Designs?
Originally I worked in retail and hospitality before moving into furniture design and freelance overseas buying which enabled me to travel to all the major trade fairs around the globe. Those fairs were a massive eye opener for me and gave me a greater insight into the world of design and colour.

How long have you been painting and what drove you to explore that?
I have painted since I was a small child and I come from a very creative family. I tend to see colour and design everywhere and I have such a busy brain so I really need an expressive outlet like painting. Plus, my clutches are a way of getting my style of art out there.

How long does it take you to create each canvas?
It can take me anywhere from an hour to a week because I usually have so many canvases on the go at once so that I can offer a variety of styles and prints to my suppliers and customers.

What was your artistic ‘aha!’ moment?
I feel like my creative brain has a million of those moments; there’s certainly too many to tell you about but one of the big ones would have been when I helped my friend put on exhibition for Anthony Lister. He’s a true artist and I was able to have these random chats with him. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember me, but I won’t forget him; his mind is the truth and it was an inspiring experience to say the least.

What is the inspiration behind what you create?
I search for colour and design daily.  I look at what people are wearing; from the pattern of a dress to the different colour combos. Occasionally I’ll take photos of people so I remember the colour combination and I’m always looking at the latest UK Grazia magazine.

How do you keep your life in balance as both a mum and a new business owner?
This is difficult to master; I think I just move at super speed and hope I don’t forget anything. I’ve certainly found I’ve had to cut back on sleep and multi-tasking is a must!

What’s next for Theresa Evelyn Designs?
My clutches remain my focus at the moment as they’re selling quicker than I can make them but I’m also working on other hand painted items for next year . Silk printing also interests me a lot and I’ve seen the manufacturing side of this and it is amazing. Plus, I love floaty silk dresses so, let’s just see!

Find Theresa Evelyn Designs on Instagram or stocked at Thousand Island Dressing Paddington and Bulimba.

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