‘Tis the sequin

December has arrived and I’ve decided to add a little extra sparkle to my life, literally.

Last week while enjoying a night at the movies with my friend and fellow fashion blogger Karen (you can find her blog here and on Instagram here), we got on to the topic of sequins. As you do.

I admitted my inner bower bird had gone a little crazy of late ordering sparkly, shiny pieces after putting together a fashion page based around sequin skirts for U on Sunday.

At last count (before my latest beauties arrived), I have 15 heavily sequined pieces in my wardrobe—and that’s not counting tees with a bit of sequin detailing, or my sequin scarf.

With so many options, Karen challenged me to wear a different sequined item every day for a week, and so the #TisTheSeason style challenge was created.

I’ve decided to kick it off today—straight off the back of yesterday’s sequin feature in U on Sunday which I’ve included as inspiration (you can find my previous pages here):

If skirts aren’t your thing, there are also plenty of tops, kimonos, jumpsuits and even jewellery if you’re looking to get your shine on.

Here are 27 sequinned pieces available in time for the festive season: 

Row 1: Stephanie Kaftan (one size), $565 |Midi Skirt (size 6-20), $220 | Cream/Gold Skirt (size 6-22), $71

Row 2: Tee (size 6-22), $30 | Textured Jacket(size 6-16), $129.95 | Blazer (size S-XL), $159

Row 3: Cami (size XXS-L), $79.95 | Teal Trousers (size 6-22), $89 | Embroidered Kimono (size S-M), $159

Row 4: Embellished Vest Top (size 10-24), $48 | Flower Drop Earrings, $9.95 | Stripe Pencil Skirt (size 6-16), $104.95

Row 4: Red Skirt (size S-XL), $139 | Striped Top (size 6-16), $69.95 | Bardot Swing Dress (size 12-26), $‌140

Row 5: Batwing sequin wrap top (size 8-16), $76 | Mini Me Rainbow Jumpsuit (size 4-14), $184.95 | Red Sequin Floral Gold Headband, $22.99

Row 6: Oversized Top (size S-L), $59.95 | Lips Tee (size XS-L), $29.95 | Long Sleeve Sequin Top (size 12-26), $‌120

Row 7: Dia Shine Playsuit, $199.95 | Open Front Outerwear (size S-XL), $51.95 | Tropical Leaves & Sequin Flower Drop Earrings, $8.95

Row 8: Scatter sequin knot front kimono midi dress (size 4-28), $150 | Sequin Sleeve Tee (size XS-L), $59.95 | Sashi Monochrome Sequin Beaded Clutch, $59.99

If you want to dig into your closet and shine along with me (you’re welcome to go for glitter or embrace beading embellishment if you’re light on in the sequin department), I’d love you to tag me in your posts (@what_brooke_wore on Instagram) and use #tisthesequin.

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