Taking on Brisbane’s biggest slip and slide

Last summer, I grabbed my mate Jenny and we headed to Sirromet Winery to strip down to our togs (that’s swimmers or bathers for the southerners and foreigners who are reading this) and slip and slide the morning away as part of Brisbane’s first Slideapalooza.

Now, for those who haven’t been initiated into this glorious Australian pastime, the slip and slide is usually set up in a back yard on a hot summer’s day and while you can buy ‘slip and slide’ kids from some shops, the truly hardcore amongst us prefer to use a large piece of plastic or tarp, topped with some kind of dishwashing liquid/detergent and then hosed down so it’s nice and slippery (usually to the point of being a workplace health and safety style hazard).

Then, you take a running leap and hurl yourself down the slippery plastic as fast as you can go (obviously it helps if there’s some kind of downhill slope involved).

Slideapalooza is like the humble backyard slip and slide on steroids. And it was such a success that it’s coming back to Brisbane for two weekend’s this month!

From January 18 to 20 and 25 to 27, the downward sloping green at Sirromet (where A Day On The Green is usually held) will be again transformed into a sea of brightly coloured, waterslides and inflatables including a football field-length six-lane, slip ‘n slide, and two sky-high inflatable slides.

Trust me when I say that last year’s set up was nothing short of Ah. May. Zing.

As the sun beat down on our shoulders, Jenny and I carried our inflatable donuts (picked up for $5 at Kmart or Target) up the green before taking a running leap and sliding down as fast as we could.

We’d been given the tip to hold both our arms and legs in the air, because the less body parts touching the slide, the faster you’ll go—great advice for two thirty-somethings, one of whom had a one-year-old at home.

Of course, we did it. Because we wanted to see how fast we could go. And not only do it work, but it was hilarious, glorious and so much fun.

Thanks to my short stature, and my arms and legs being tucked up on my donut, I even managed to get some 360s happening as I hurtled towards the pool at the bottom.

But the best was to show you just how much fun it was, is to take you for a spin:

Just call her Jumpin’ Jenny.

*** GIVEAWAY *** 

Thanks to the team a Slideapalooza, I have a double pass to this year’s Slideapalooza Brisbane to give away! 

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Cath who won the double pass to Slideapalooza 2019. 


  1. Cath

    This looks like so much fun !!!! Nothing like slip & slide action in the backyard on a much larger scale. I’d love to take my bestie Trish, she could do with some cheering up !!


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