22 Pretty Woman inspired polka dot pieces

Remember the famous scene in Pretty Women, where Julia Roberts’ character Vivian, wears that beautiful dark caramel and white belted polka dot dress to the Polo?

That outfit—right down to the crisp white gloves and matching white hat—won me over the first time I saw it, and I was probably only about 12. At the time I wasn’t overly keen on dresses, but Julia Roberts looked so elegant, that every time I’m on the hunt for an outfit for the races or the polo, it’s the outfit that I picture.

You can now pull together your own take on this look (without going through the awkward thigh high plastic boots and skirt stage first) and while I can’t guarantee that you’ll find yourself an Edward, you’ll definitely be a winner in the style stakes!

And, to make it super easy for you, I put my recent bout of insomnia to good use and I’ve found 22 perfect polka dot pieces sure to make you feel like a Pretty Woman (including the Shabby Sisters Julia Wrap Dress that I’m wearing, which was kindly gifted to me).

Must go, I have to go shopping now!

Row 1: Shabby Sisters Julia Wrap Dress (size 8-18), $99 || Oxford Sabrina Spot Skirt (size 10-14), $59.60 || Bardot Polka Dot Wrap Top (size 6-14), $28

Row 2: Boohoo Maternity Polka Dot Wrap Dress (size 10-14) || Oxford Joshua Short Sleeve Spot Dress (size 6-14), $91.60 || Evans Conker Spot Top (size 18-26), $52.47

Row 3: Oxford Jemma Spot Pants (size 6-12), $67.60 || Boohoo Boutique Polka Dot Wrap Dress (size 6-16), $28.50 || Paddo to Palmy Fontelina Dress (size 6-14), $314.64

Row 4: Boohoo Wrap Front Ruffle Hem Polka Dot Midi Dress (size 8-14), $25 || Missguided Wrap Front Polka Dot Dress (size 6-16), $64.95 || Boohoo Plus Twist Front Polka Dot Midi Dress (size 16-20), $28.50

Row 5: Sussan Spot Pant (size 8-18), $99.95 || Witchery Spot Linen Top (size 4-16), $119.95 || Amelius Bonnie Dress (size 6-16), $129.95

Row 6: Witchery Soft Button Skirt (size 4-16) $129.95 || Topshop Polka Spot Button Blouse, $45.47 || Oxford Cora Spot Top (size 8-14), $59.60

Row 7: Tussah Clemence Slip Dress (size 14, 16), $99.95 || Diane Von Furstenberg Polka-dot silk wrap dress (size 8,14), $542 || Nasty Gal You Dot This (size 6-12), $31

Row 8: Nasty Gal Swing In Our Direction Polka Dot Dress (size 6-12), $25

Are there any outfits from a TV show or movie that you’ve always loved? Or used to love? Tell me in the comments below. 

And in case you missed it, you can check our my recreation of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tulle skirt outfit from Sex and the City here.

Update: I also found these pieces on Next. 

Spot Off The Shoulder Dress (size 6-22), $39 || Plunge Swimsuit (size 6-22), $50 || Lipsy Polka Dot Frill Wrap Dress (size 4-18), $106 || Tan Spot Skirt (size 6-22), $44 || Whistles Burgundy Spot Jumpsuit (size 8-16), $328 || Forever Comfort Cross Strap Mule Sandals, $41 || Tan Spot Bandeau Playsuit (size 6-22), $37

Photo by Kate Luke.

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