I’ve joined the team at Brisbane News

First day nerves.
They begin when most of us are five and extend right through our lives; first day at school; first day at uni; first day in the workforce and first day at a new job.
Sometimes the first will bring tears and apprehension; sometimes excitement and exhilaration.
And sometimes it brings cake. (I’m pretty sure that’s how I scored one of my jobs—in my interview I promised I’d bring a Hummingbird Cake in on my first day. And I did.)
Today I chalked up another first, thanks to the team at Brisbane News.
I’m not sure if it was the Carrie Bradshaw tulle-skirt photo that got me over the line, or if it was because I like to tell stories, either way I’m damn excited to finally tell you that I’ve joined the team at Brisbane News as a columnist—starting today!
That’s cause for cake, right?
When the idea was first suggested to me late last year, I laughed it off because I didn’t think they were serious, so I was well and truly stunned when the editor, Leesa, followed up.
Although I’ve been blogging for years, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a regular column other than my fashion column for U on Sunday but given it’s the year of taking chances, I said “f*ck yes!”
Okay, I didn’t say that to Leesa, I played it cool and asked if I could think about it. But behind-the-scenes, I was swearing and dancing like an overly excited drunken sailor.
And I had almost the same reaction when I—quite unexpectedly—found a copy of this week’s edition in my local IGA when I dropped in to get some milk after flying in from Sydney and spotted my name on the front cover.
There, between the stone fruit and the checkout, while covered in sand and sunburn from a day on the beach before my flight, I let out a mega squeal of delight that stopped everyone in their tracks.
After two weeks of knowing it was coming, it was finally official. Was I graceful about it? No, I was not. Did I yell “Oh my god, I’m on the cover” over the avocados until mum came and looked? Yes, I did.
So, as of this week’s edition, I’ll be sharing my adventures through—and on—life as a 30-something and, for now, you’ll be able to catch my column each fortnight.
Check out the latest edition of Brisbane News here—you’ll find my column on page 11.


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