Blonde Ambition

Writer | Traveller | Dreamer. A lesson in contrasts; I am a hopeless romantic and a commitment-phobe; a homebody and a wanderlust sufferer. I have an obsession with striped t-shirts, distressed denim and cocktail dresses and survive mostly on grilled cheese sandwiches.

Vote for Blonde Ambition

Each year the Australian Writers’ Centre (formerly the Sydney Writers’ Centre) holds the Best Australian Blogs competition which aims to celebrate, showcase and support the outstanding writing that’s happening in the Australian blogosphere. I’m chuffed to announce that Blonde Ambition has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award, along with a staggering 1007 other Australian […]


Going postal

Last year, Australians sent more than 10 billion text messages. This year, I hope to send at least 50 handwritten cards to the people I love. According to a story published this week, the art of sending a handwritten note—especially one of thanks—is dying out. The story explained how a recent study of 1000 adults, commissioned by Churchill Insurance, […]


{Recipe} Peach Galette

Summer has well and truly arrived in Australia; in fact more than 10 million square kilometers of our land girt currently ablaze with bush fires. The days are long and understandably hot and, as per my Summer Manifesto pledge, I’ve been enjoying many dinners on my deck with friends. Saturday night was no different; after […]