Blonde Ambition

Writer | Traveller | Dreamer. A lesson in contrasts; I am a hopeless romantic and a commitment-phobe; a homebody and a wanderlust sufferer. I have an obsession with striped t-shirts, distressed denim and cocktail dresses and survive mostly on grilled cheese sandwiches.

Let’s travel

28 days. 3 climates. 1 suitcase. With just minutes to go until I board my Emirates flight for a four-week holiday, I’m currently in that blissed-out pre-holiday haze when all I can thinking about are what adventures are ahead and how jealous everyone else is that I’m bound for Europe. My tickets are ready, window […]


I am enough.

“You’ll make a beautiful bride.” With this one sentence I found myself caught like a deer in the headlights, en route to an unnecessary—and somewhat misguided—reality check from a stranger. While you might think it sounds like a compliment, a backhand quickly followed. After dishing out advice on what NOT to wear if I walk […]


{Recipe} The Brookie

Last weekend I discovered a new, and already much loved, concept in baked goods—the ‘brookie’. What is it? … Well, it’s the ultimate mash-up of brownies and cookies. Credit for the brookie (also know as the brookster) goes to Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito of Brooklyn’s Baked who took two simple recipes—brownies and cookies—and melded […]