It’s time for a one-month shopping ban

Shopping ban.

Two words that will strike terror into the heart of any shopaholic.

But it’s time to stop shopping quite so much because there are holidays to take and memories to make, so I declare the next month to be ‘Frugal February’.

I’m not going so extreme as to cut out all non-essential purchases (some people do); but that would be ridiculous and probably send me into some kind of epic meltdown where you’ll find me racing through a shopping centre grabbing anything I can get my hands on like a contestant in the 90s TV show, Supermarket Sweep.

Besides, it’s really only buying clothes that gives me that kind of buzz. That dopamine rush that comes with clicking the “add to cart” or “checkout” button or being handed a bag filled with new pretties.

Instead, I’m simply cutting out shopping for clothes.

Well, clothes and shoes.

And bags, jewellery, scarves and hats.

All clothes and accessories really.

Why? Because I already have so many dresses, skirts, tops and jeans (even after all those clothing sales) and it’s time to break my cycle of unconscious and compulsive shopping.

It’s not going to be easy—I’ve always loved shopping, starting way back as a little girl when my favourite books were about shopping and getting a parcel delivered. I’m not even kidding!

And I love spending a morning roaming around the shops with mum; trying things on, buying bits and pieces, and stopping for lunch.

But that’s not going to happen for the next four weeks. Well, not the shopping part of it at least.

There are also some serious habits that need to be broken; online shopping has become part of my weekly routine, especially since I launched What Brooke Wore.

Even now, in the midst of writing this, an email popped up from French Connection featuring a gorgeous frill dress and I immediately thought “oh, I have to get that,” despite having two dresses that are EXACTLY the same.

Shit, this could be harder than I think.

With just a few days to go until Frugal February starts, I’m also trying to be aware of my shopping habits now so I don’t start buying things like crazy to stash away for the next few weeks, like a squirrel gathering nuts for winter.

Instead I’m going to spend the morning rearranging my wardrobe so it will be easier for me to see/find what I have when it comes time to get dressed each morning, hopefully eliminating those “I’ve got nothing to wear” moments that we all have. I’ll share more on how I’ve arranged my wardrobe and how I decide what to cull soon so stay tuned.

Hopefully by the end of February, I’ll have a better understanding of my spending habits, a few more dollars in my bank account and probably a couple more items I no longer love or can make work to put up for sale or donate to charity.

If you want to play along on Instagram, use the hashtag #WBWFrugalFeb so we can be each other’s support and also share outfit inspiration.

Will you join me for the #FrugalFebruary challenge? Have you ever done a shopping ban? Do you have any tips or tricks on how I can get the most out of my wardrobe this February (and onwards)?WBWFrugalFeb


  1. Mandy

    Hi Brooke – great idea! I am actually doing a Year ‘no spend’ (except food, bills and underwear) – trying to stop the unconscious shopping and consumerism that I have fallen victim too! I’m not gonna lie – I am only a month in and it has been hard – but has also been an awakening for me! Hope you get some clarity in your challenge – good luck!


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